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Effast Africa

Effast Africa has its origins as Natal Plastics Supplies in 1986 in Durban. In 1990 Effast Africa was opened in Cape Town. Poly Pipe Systems in Gauteng and PE Plastics in Port Elizabeth followed soon after.

We now offer a comprehensive range of pvc pipe and pvc fittings, pvc valves, saddles, compression fittings, as well as polyethylene (PE) butt weld and electro fusion fittings for HDPE pipe, to the agricultural and industrial market.

We also supply polypropylene (PP) range of pipe, fittings and valves to the chemical industry.

We have a selection of pumps, filters and ABS fittings for the pool and spa industry.

We carry an extensive range of koi filters, bottom drains, venturis and food for the koi enthusiast.

Contact details

Effast Africa: 021 946 1980

Natal Plastic Supplies: 031 205 9215

PE Plastic: 041 451 2360

Poly Pipe Systems: 011 974 6912


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